... in which David eats his words.

So much for not Liking Jason at all. We have a second date Saturday night. I think. Details have not been finalised.

I half want to call in sick and never talk to him again, though. He added me to MSN the other day, and we started talking, and all of a sudden he's being all cutesy and *hugs*ing me... it was really weird. I mean, sure, if I'd said something I was obviously bummed over, you're totally free to *hugs* me. BUT he did it completely out of the blue, after a lull in the conversation. Bit of a turn off, if you ask me. He just suddenly became this clingy, cutesy OLD MAN in my mind.

Needless to say, I didn't think it was appropriate for our first online conversation.

Then again, I could just be sabotaging myself by reading too deeply into it? I don't know. Since then, I've just been thinking "What if we turn out like Kelly and Lynn, and can't ever see each other again when out?", and I don't really like thinking that. Thankfully he's a friend of a friend, so it wouldn't be as bad, but there's still that possibility.

Stupid Joe and his meddling. It's all his fault.

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( Apr. 5th, 2008 03:33 pm)
... in which David makes a decision.

Seeing as I woke up this morning to a throbbing jaw, with pain splintering off into the base of my skull and my right ear, I have cancelled tonight. Jason still hasn't replied though, which is weird.

I still blame Joe.


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