... in which David is enthralled by both himself and others.

I have my Hot Nerd-y Clark-Kent-undressing-into-Superman outfit just about complete. I can go as is, but I want thicker glasses than my own. Also, I really wanted to take a picture, but my phone was nowhere near. Sadness.

I had a couple of beers this afternoon at the Ashy with Work Peeps, but the kitchen area was closed, so no lunch for me :( So, when I got home and found a superman teeshirt lying on my stairs, due to my being rather a lot more gay when tipsy, I got rather excited and started trying on different combinations of pants and shirts (with the hair) to get some feedback. But, of course, I was all prancy and gay. My mum even called herself a "straight chick"... it was weird, but I was proud of her for finally accepting it and coming out of the closet. I'm gonna try and be really supportive of her straightness, even though I know it's like totally against everything I believe in. It's just like... whatever!

Last night I watched Boy Culture. It's the confession of a gay hustler, who has two room-mates and they're all hot and it's like "porn without the sex". Except it's actually good. Like, honestly, it's an awesome movie, with a real message to gay guys. It should be mandatory for all fresh male queers to watch this movie - we'd all be better off for it. Not so much for fresh female queers, because the movie assumes they have it easier: "Lesbians have got it right. Yeah, they've got all that dyke drama, but that's because they actually give a shit". I mean, it's good for anyone to watch (I assume, not being you I can't say for sure, but...), it's just that the messages are more focused on gay guys. The actual story is gorgeous, sad, tender, loving, hot, and just really really home-hitting. At least for me. I seriously want everyone to watch it if you can find it. I know it's a GAY movie, but it's not a gay-only movie.

Anyway, that's enough for now. I have to go and do assignments now. :(


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