... in which there's more.

I have the next step in the composition process done. I now have both the left and right hand parts written for the chance piece. Now all I need is the percussion part (Step 3) and to write it all out by hand (Step 4). Step 4 is going to be the hardest, because I'm going to have all these uneven bar lengths everywhere. That's the trouble with chance composing multiple parts. Ah well.

note: difficulties uploading due to retarded internet. I mean that literally; my connection is down to between 12.0 and 24.0 Mbps... it should be 54.0!!! My laptop never had this problem, so I assume it's a somewhat faulty wireless adapter. Due to these difficulties, I've now done most of Step Three as well[/note]


For being completely random, there are some really nice parts in this piece. I am amazed at how many times I got the same card/note-value/note in a row, and how the well-chanced rests make it sound like the hands are almost doing a call and response routine.

You really can get some pretty good music out of chance and random.


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