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( May. 4th, 2008 09:43 pm)
... in which David has different gifts.

Today I cam across my cache of awesome and rediscovered a lot of my doings from Year 11. You see, the Prelim. and HSC years were like one giant art class for me, especially Geography because I was so far in front of everyone else in our class for a damn big portion. I thought up worlds, cities, houses, towns, laboratories, sciences, machines, powers, non-gods, animals, people, weapons, shields, TPR... the list goes on, and frequently overlaps. I was very much inspired at some point in that time by oriental architecture and religions, I now remember. I had one world that was a water planet, with gorgeous cherry blossom trees growing out of the water, surrounded by thousands of lily pads. Every so often there would be a structure amongst the lily gardens, and people lived there. They would only be big enough for a small family, and were really not much more than a series of steps up to a flat stone surface, though some had oriental-style houses built upon them, and some were more like temples. Everyone travelled by boats, obviously, and there was no electricity. It was a gorgeous place; I wish you could see it. Unfortunately, I only have very small pencil sketchings in the top corners of my Geography book and they don't do it any real justice.

There was also a forest-come-jungle, thick and dangerous. Deep in its heart, there was a simple two-storey structure, not much more than a rectangular roof, two floors, and four beams holding it all up. There was a small open fire on a raised platform and a basin for washing, one on either end of the first floor, as well as a small platform set in the wood floor in the centre. The three stations each had a form of magic to them - eternity in the fire (so that it never died), cleansing in the water (to wash and heal any wounds from the surrounding environment), and gale-force wind beneath the middle platform to gain access to the top floor (basically it was an elevator). The basin also had a spirit in it - a guardian to the sanctuary - that would answer any questions travellers had. On the second floor was a bed and some privacy panels as well as another fireplace.

Those were my favourite times, in Geography slipping into those worlds.

But I didn't just create in Geography; it was the whole two years. And the years before. And the years after. But those years in particular were full of imagination and mildly skilled drawing. So I scanned two into my computer, realised the scanner destroyed them, and traced what I could with my graphics tablet. These are two of them (both from Year 11 I think):

Androgena and Small Creature )


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