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( Aug. 24th, 2008 09:27 pm)
... in which David isn't actually affected in any way, but still feels the need to say something.

LISTEN up, men: it's time to ditch your moisturiser and designer clothes, because the retrosexual has returned.

Real men who value biffo, beer and breasts are in vogue again, according to The Retrosexual Manual.

Society, you fail.


Just... why? Who actually cares what a beered-up retro thinks women prefer? Who would actually read a book like that? Retros won't; reading is for fags and metros (aka fag wannabes). Metros won't; it's a load of crap telling them to fuck off. Women won't; women actually have brains. Oh wait, I forgot; society fails. OF COURSE everyone's going to read this shit.

Wanna guess who the only intelligent person cited in the article is? Yeah, a woman. Surprise surprise.


phrasemuffin: Bare: A Pop Opera (Default)

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