My cousin got engaged last Friday! WOOT! We all love Peter XD Apparently my sister knew it was going to happen for a while now, but didn't say anything to us. Or me. Boooooo. So much for all them DnMs :P Peter had been going in to her store for about a month or more saying it'd happen soon, it'll happen. He bought the ring near her store, and he's always checked in on Kate when he's been in the area, so it makes sense that she was one of the first to know. The only bad thing is the date of the engagement party - it's the same night we'd planned on going to Oxford Street again :(I'll just have to see if we can reschedule that, I guess. It'll probably be better this way, though, seeing as I have a recording assignment due the next week, and I'll probably need the whole weekend, as well as most of Friday, for editing (which means no work, too).

I've also remembered a couple other things about Friday night:under here )
  • OH OH OH!!! I was completely over-dressed. I was worried I was going to be, because I usually am and only had a very vague memory of my last fleeting visit, and I simply had no idea what to wear. I ended up being the only person wearing a shirt. Every one else was tee's with cardy/zip-up. Except for Holly; she was dressed for things better than Purple Sneakers, but she had an Edward Scissorhands tee, so she was cool. Or, rather, crazycool.

  • That's another thing - the crazycool thing. I don't know if I explained this in the last post, but I feel I must make sure you all know. One cannot be both crazy and cool. It is a scientific impossibility. Much like the theory that no one can know both the Ultimate Question and the Ultimate Answer, lest the Universe explode/implode, and get replaced by something that makes even less sense... it's a Douglass Adams thing. However, instead of the consequence being universal destruction, it is rather more personalised. That is, things fall off. Yes. Things. They fall. From the body. And to a far more "off" position. It has been scientifically proven that one cannot be both crazy and cool, lest this startling and rather horrific side-effect take place. The only solution is for potential victims to be crazycool, a sort of crazed coolness; one lone quality, as opposed to two conflicting. Therefore I would ask that you all take heed, and make sure that none of your friends or loved ones are indeed both crazy and cool, merely crazycool. This has been a public service announcement.

  • On to today, I payed for my Muse ticket!! Don't know if I posted about my going, but... well, I guess I have now :P I'M GOING TO MUSE!!! WOOT! XD I also got a nice black jacket. Fits like it was made for me, which is rare. And YAY I'M GOING TO MUSE!!


    Edit: Project: Ether Engine keeps finding it's way back into my brain. I think I really need to do some more work on it as soon as some assessments are done and finished with. I also reeeaaally need to actually finish TPR. I completely suck. I procrastinate too well. So well, in fact, that I leave off procrastinating because I can't be bother to do it now. "Bugger it, I'll procrastinate later", I will say, and then not procrastinate the way I want to. Blurgh.
    phrasemuffin: Bare: A Pop Opera (TPR3)
    ( Jun. 2nd, 2006 12:47 pm)
    I have a concept - Tok'Kir's Caffe - but I have no idea what to do with it. I don't know if I want an LJ community based on it, I don't know if I want a set of short stories based on it, and I don't know if I want to manifest it in any other form. Also, if I were to manifest it in some such form, I'm not sure what to do with it beyond that. An LJ community is only good if there is a point to it and if there are people in it who actively participate. Short stories would be cool, but I'd need to finish the Daily Tag mag and TPR Season 1 before I start writing them, not only so I could focus purely on the short stories and the plot creation etc, but also because there is strong possibility that the stories would be post-war/Ovis stories. Other manifestations, such as a community/message-board/town/city/thingy (like was being run at school by certain friends *stares at particular lj-friend lol*) would need other establishments and a wide variety of posters...

    However, the lack of certainty about practical applications hasn't wavered my want to do something with Tok'Kir's Caffe... I think I just need some fresh ideas
    phrasemuffin: Bare: A Pop Opera (hydeist_)
    ( Apr. 3rd, 2006 11:19 pm)
    This is the first official artwork made solely with my new tablet. I made it the day I got said tablet, so excuse the roughness, but due to context, I think it works.
    Trogun behind the cut )

    From there, I went and made:
    Draygo and Kazmuffin )

    And finally finished hydeist_:
    hydeist_ )
    I still think there should be something hanging from the end of the sword... something small and shiny, totally in keeping with [ profile] hydeist_'s ways... but I already used that on his ear. To do it again would be silly me thinks.
    phrasemuffin: Bare: A Pop Opera (The Pathetic Race)
    ( Jan. 21st, 2006 03:44 pm)
    YAY for the pathetic race!

    I invite all of you to visit, a community for TPR fans! YAY!

    All past episodes will be forwarded in the very near future :D

    p.s. sorry hydeist_, but yodallama convinced me to
    phrasemuffin: Bare: A Pop Opera (Default)
    ( Nov. 4th, 2005 03:21 pm)
    Ah, sweet freedom - school is over forever! Primary and Secondary education are complete! ... now I just have Tertiary ... maybe ... but htey have parties, so thats cool! YAY!

    Anyway, I'm working tomorrow and Sunday, so for those of you who care, I won't be online very much over the weekend - yay, money! I also have to figure out what I should perform for my 3 auditions at Universities during the week of the Formal ... must ask Drurinatrix. Which reminds me, I also have to see BennyG and ask him if/when we can practice for "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" for Speech Night (my school's annual awards night).

    Much procrastination shall ensue during these 3 MONTHS OF HOLIDAYS!!!! *mental overload* but I know I will be working hard on my TPR episodes, getting proper character pics done, and writing articles for a possible [ profile] hydeist_ical magazine thing that may or may not exist at one point in time or another. To celebrate such events, I am also thinking of possibly commissioning a TPR layout ... or at least some avatars ...
    phrasemuffin: Bare: A Pop Opera (Default)
    ( Mar. 12th, 2005 09:02 pm)

    Design A Character

    Created by madhatter and taken 795 times on bzoink!

    Type of 'World' Character lives inthe same as GooBer
    Named_vinci (the same pronounciation rules apply here as for hydeist_)
    Eye colorBrown
    Hair colorGreen (long hair in ponytail usually)
    Skin colorPaler green
    BuildStaunch (for all you non-CBHS gals'n'fellas, don't ask, just accept it
    Scars, tattoos, etc.nose stud (usually a redish brown colour, much like Bromine water [Br2]), golden sepent arm-bracelet twisted around right arm
    Otherears are inside the head, much like a snake's
    Virtuestruth, beauty, justice and honour
    Vicesshy at times, even though everyone expects him to be outgoing and loud from his build
    Likesflowers, birds, Italian cheeses from a little planet called Earth, snakes, ligtning/thunder stroms and a drunken Cloe
    Dislikesdark creatures form Fallopia's arsenal (Basement)
    Talentslow grade telekinesis, snake talking (actually, most animals, but he really likes snakes)
    Hobbiestalking to animals, reading magazines about little people (the mystical kind)
    Social Circle
    Motherhhm, maybe he was hatched - or maybe his mother was a human
    Fatheryeah, he had one of them too
    Other Relative(s)a Seer Grandmother
    Pet(s)an owl and a snake
    Friendshydeist_, GooBer, Cloe and Jimmy
    Enemiesall of Fallopia
    Sexual orientationnone
    Love interestnone - he has taken a vow of ... celibacy and chastity

    Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

    Design A Character

    Created by madhatter and taken 790 times on bzoink!

    Type of 'World' Character lives inthe same world as GooBer
    Namehydeist_ (don't forget to pronounce the underscore, and no, it is never Hydeist_)
    Eye colorGreen
    Hair colorBlack
    Skin colorLatte
    Buildthin frame, but wirey
    Scars, tattoos, etc.scar across his back, where Fallopia HQ whipped him during his encapturement
    OtherOrb Crystal Earing on his left ear point (his too are pointed)
    Virtueslove, Collin Farrel, truth, freedom
    Likescheck his info page here on lj
    DislikesFallopia HQ
    TalentsPremonition and slight Pyrotechniques, Uber Physics, and ULTIMATELY, he is very smart
    Hobbieshanging out with GooBer, d_vinci, Cloe, Jimmy and The Flaming Sword of Cheese, Uber Physics specialist, eating pizza
    Social Circle
    SiblingsPatricka (sister)
    Other Relative(s)many and varied, but all of them in another dimension currently, on holidays
    Pet(s)a small cat, and a toad-eating snake
    Friendsd_vinci, GooBer, Cloe, Tok'kir
    Enemiesall of Fallopia HQ's hench-people
    Sexual orientationbi
    Love interestask him, not me

    Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

    a profile of GooBer

    Design A Character

    Created by madhatter and taken 769 times on bzoink!

    Type of 'World' Character lives inThe world of The Great Pathetic Race (ie my head)
    Eye colorblue
    Hair colorblack
    Skin colorblue with slightly pinkish glow
    Buildlooks flabby but really is built very well
    Scars, tattoos, etc.Silver Shadowdragon from back (spine) down right arm
    Otherslightly pointed ears with goldish tips
    Virtuestruth, justice, love and freedom
    Vicestoo helpful
    LikesCheese, his wife Cloe
    Dislikesevil, his wife Cloe drunk
    Talentsmany and undefined (other than "real"ising his tattoo
    Hobbiesuber physics
    Social Circle
    SiblingsHalf brother - The Flaming Sword of Cheese
    Other Relative(s)wife - Cloe
    Friendshydeist_ and d_vinci
    Enemiesyou'll find out
    Sexual orientationBi, but only seeks physical relations with women
    Love interestCloe

    Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!



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