... in which boys find themselves alone in an elevator.

A Chapter To Start An Argument By
... of which I only have about -0.21%

Internet has been acting up a bit lately. I was only told tonight when I asked my brother what he was sounding upset about during a conversation with my dad. It turns out that we've been going over our limit because of crazy amounts of uploads. Not downloads; uploads. And crazy; crazy like 13.5 gigabites in the space of 8 hours. Crazy like a fox being bitchslapped by upload costs.

It also turns out that there's a pretty big chance it was me. Well, my computer. Well, a stupid program that I have installed that isn't actually supposed to upload when I tell it to stop but sort of does anyway. Well, me, because I didn't know how to fix said problem even after talking to my brother about it and therefore sort of left it to fix itself. Well, my brother, seeing as he didn't fix the damn problem when I told him about it.

Well, me.

It's quite possible that said program uploaded 55+ gigabites in one month. Our plan caps at 60. Oops. Oops I say, while throttling said program, which has finally been uninstalled. Of course, if this had been mentioned a little earlier, I would have gotten rid of said program then and there and we wouldn't have just half our cap left for this month. This month that started about three days ago. Apparently said program was running, uploading against my will, from midnight Wednesday morning to 8am.

There's a chance it could have been pirates, or even people stealing our internet. My dad's friend used to do that a lot, as did my cousin. I don't like that, because it leads to things getting blamed on me. Well, my computer. Well, a stupid... well, you know where this is going.

In happier news though, while I didn't actually see Oscar on Tuesday (which bummed me out rather a bit too much considering I'd only spoken to him once, a week before), I did see him on Wednesday. He was running to get something printed, and there are no printers in the music library, and I had Hannah on my left and long story short she was having a bad day, and we all know that I'm a coward. So, we talked, but not a huge amount (though I think I scored points for both a) taking Music in the Sixties, and b) being enthusiastic about a Credo he may or may not know... actually, I think may have lost points if he did know it, purely based on the way I was enthusiastic), and I was a complete and utter moron and I didn't get his details or give him mine. I did, however, recognise him at first sight, so I give myself points for that.

[livejournal.com profile] areyoustrange, I believe you were right; I am terminally single. And by my own hands, or lack thereof. Dear Neopagan Girl's gods, I hope I get another chance. I haven't asked for any, but I've been given heaps already... I hope I haven't gone over my cap for this boy.
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( Oct. 16th, 2008 11:25 pm)
I'm a member of MUSE now, the musical theatre society. Kenny asked me to join and attend their AGM so they could achieve quoram (?) and get people sworn in, so I did. I think I'm now auditioning to be in Pirates of Penzance for next year as an added side effect. Woot?

Hannah's been freaking out about being Camp Officer for SUMS again next year, but three minutes before rehearsals started, she told me she wants to do it. Weird. So, as we were having our AGM too, I was elected Co Camp Officer (Deputy) with her (Sheriff). I'll do the stressful things, she'll do the fun things. And drive the trailer. I probably won't stress like she has, at least that's our thinking. If I am affected by it, though, I won't know until I wake up with big, bright red Acne Face again like Year 12. I swear I didn't know I was stressed until that hit... and lasted two years. I had such pretty skin up until then.

Also, because I told a friend I would ask around: Is anyone in need of kittens? There are four apparently up for grabs in a little while - they're still too young to leave their mother, but soon they'll be old enough to be pimped out. Because kittens are the whores of the petverse.


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